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Dear Aditya,

You write so well, but I wish you would read an email well too.

Dude for heaven's sake, please get down from the mount of self-
righteouness and self-praise even in the most agonizing situations.

First, no sane man who read my email would believe that I was 
eliciting sympathy and building support for my thoughts...So I fail 
to understand your response "am sorry I cannot agree or sympathise 
with you".

It was just an expression of my thought period !!

Secondly, I think it is high time we stopped this kind of demeanour. 
Every guy in this 10000 plus forum can put his views long 
it is suscribes to the rules put down by the I right 
on this?

Time and again it has been noticed, that everytime somebody makes a 
statement ( mind you there is a difference between making a 
statement and thowing open a discussion ) , there are a selected few 
who bombard us with emails expressing their 'gospel' views ( rather 
I would say 'orders' if you look at the expressions' used).

Aditya, it does not matter who is right or wrong at all times in a 
public forum like this, but what matters is that we don't allow even 
a meek voice to be supressed. Cause only that would ensure the 
survival of this forum and its vibrant nature.

Can you gurantee me that after reading my email and the lucknow 
incidents there is not one in the 10000 plus crowd who would want to 
break away from all this( for whatever reasons it may be -right or 
wrong) ...F*** please check on the number of guys who want 
marriage/committed relationships and want to migrate not for the $$ 
but for a better diginfied gay life...They may be hyprocrites or non-
patriotic according to you, but dude whoever gave us the right to 
JUDGE!!! Are we not criticising the indian Govt because of its 
JUDGING attitude on the morals of the public and we in turn are so 

Dude -- go and speak to those 4 people who are languishing in jail 
now, who had their pics splashed across the nature, ridiculed and 
disowned....Do you think they have resolved to become 'gay' freedom 
fighters now? Take it from me-either they are contemplating suicide 
( as one admitted his life is destroyed) or wanting to run away...So 
do u think I am brutal in suggesting them to run away to freedom 
rather than end it up all?

On the contrary, it would be excellent if a country like Canada had 
to throw open its doors to persecuted gay people in this 
country ..Maybe Canada appreciates what Indian gay guys have to 
offer.. I guess in case of Gays, most of the times India is no less 
than the cleric from Iran who would behead a woman for not wearing 

Maybe not all have the will power and the strength to fight as you 
do let them be..

Do you really want that this forum to be a previlege of selected 
few?? Even by virtue of merit and education??? I may be a dud ..but 
maybe there are more such duds in this 10000 plus I have 
the right to sent across my message to them...or I have to go 
through your 'MORAL POLICING'?

Guys, we all awesome by the very fact that we confront each other by 
the power of the pen and not the sword ( Thackeray style...). It 
takes no time for even the most altrustic human to be consumed by 
self-righteousness and pride --let us not fall prey to that..

Aditya, I value your thinking but please give some 'space' to mine 

Luv & kisses Amit...

Aditya Bondyopadhyay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Dear Amit, I understand 
and empathise with your sentiments. But I am sorry I cannot agree or 
sympathise with you. If everyone runs away to be 'better' second 
class citizens in the west or wherever, then even after 25 years the 
next-to-next generation would still be living, to quote your own 
phrase - "dog's life of a gay guy in this country".

History often burdens a certain generation with a certain task. It 
does so, so that those that follow can live better and enjoy the 
fruit of the labour of that burden. To give that labour and bear 
that burden demands certain sacrifice of personal happiness. It is 
best that only those who are willing take on this burden, for we 
cannot take it half way and ditch it then. I want to bear it till 
the end. I am proud to know many others who are also similarly 

So yes, you go. I will stay.

Best regards, Aditya Bondyopadhyay

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