Tired of too many emails from this group?  

Hi All

I know that this group has been generating too many emails. Many 
subscribers are flustered at the number of mails. Some of you might 
be thinking of leaving the group because you do not like your mail 
box to be clogged with mails.

But just in case you do not know, you have the option of receiving 
all your emails in a digest mode or you can opt for no email mode. 

That way, you can see what's new on the website and still keep a 
clear mailbox. You will never receive mail from us if you do that. 
YOU choose when to visit us ... and you can check out what you like 
and can skip over what doesn't interest you.

(Or choose "Daily digest" ... once or twice a day, you will receive 
an email -- text only -- listing all new postings ... just click on 
the "messages" link at the top of the digest to go to the web 
archive to see any attachments.)

How ?

Depending on what you opt for, you can send mail to:

Digest Mode:- gay_bombay-dig...@yahoogroups.com

No Mail Mode:- gay_bombay-nom...@yahoogroups.com



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