I am sure you are enjoying reading the thought provoking, at times 
funny, at times informative mails and also seeing the JPGs/pictures 
that members post on this list

However, at times you may get a lot of mail and it may flood your 
email box.

If you feel flustered and feel that there are too many emails, I'd 
like to remind you that you don't have to leave just to stop us from 
clogging your inbox. 

You have the option of

1) getting your mails in digest form (however you will not be able 
to see the pictures in this format)
"Daily digest" ... once or twice a day, you will receive an
email -- text only -- listing all new postings ... just click on the
"messages" link at the top of the digest to go to the web archive to 
see any

2) or you can view mails directly on the web... and choose the 
option ...
you can see what's new on the website and still keep a clear
mailbox. You will never receive mail from us if you do that. YOU 
when to visit us ... and you can check out what you like and can 
skip over
what doesn't interest you.

3)no email option

I hope this helps. The commands for choosing the various modes are 
listed below.

Warm Regards


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