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> > > gcc currently has no middle option.
> > 
> > Also this attribute is not on by default in glibc so you are asking to  
> > turn on the style based warnings.
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> > FIXED in GCC 4.5
> After having waded through this long series of comments, I am left
> wondering just how this got addressed.  Does  --no-warn-unused-result
> mean that fwrite() usage may be cast to void, or that it may be
> treated as if it were a void procedure?  I think it is very reasonable
> to warn if a returned result is not handled.  Casting to void is
> a valid way to handle the result.  I would like warnings when returned
> results are not handled.  What does the fix do?

It simply adds -W[no-]unused-result and completely enables/disables all
unused result warnings.



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