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different testcase, probably better

This one needs only -O2 to reproduce:

$ valgrind -q --trace-children=yes gcc -O2 pr45412-2.c 
==32673== Invalid read of size 8
==32673==    at 0x8F1D95: update_ssa (tree-flow-inline.h:479)
==32673==    by 0x7BDA67: execute_function_todo (passes.c:1206)
==32673==    by 0x7BE07E: execute_todo (passes.c:1283)
==32673==    by 0x7C0739: execute_one_pass (passes.c:1591)
==32673==    by 0x7C0964: execute_pass_list (passes.c:1623)
==32673==    by 0x7C0976: execute_pass_list (passes.c:1624)
==32673==    by 0x903E45: tree_rest_of_compilation (tree-optimize.c:452)
==32673==    by 0xAC0C05: cgraph_expand_function (cgraphunit.c:1469)
==32673==    by 0xAC3609: cgraph_optimize (cgraphunit.c:1548)
==32673==    by 0xAC3B59: cgraph_finalize_compilation_unit (cgraphunit.c:1012)
==32673==    by 0x4E0E4E: c_write_global_declarations (c-decl.c:9735)
==32673==    by 0x8ABAD4: toplev_main (toplev.c:983)
==32673==  Address 0x0 is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd
pr45412-2.c: In function 'bar':
pr45412-2.c:6:1: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
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