I am not talking about a library solution at all. I am talking about a solution inside the compiler. Gcc will optimize memcpy; how much for MIPS is a good question. Try it out and see. Oh if you are using scei's gcc you really should be reporting issues to them.

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------- Comment #8 from yotambarnoy at gmail dot com 2010-09-01 05:03 ------- Unfortunately, a lib based solutions are difficult for me to implement. The reason is that the current PSP SDK uses newlib. I can probably change my personal toolchain with some work, but then it's a custom modification that needs to be replicated to every other ScummVM dev as well as our buildbot. Not
impossible, but not work I'd like to get in to right now.

In any case, it sounds like what you're saying is that memcpy has asm
instructions in the right place to use lwl and lwr. I can also do that in my

My request was more general, as in gcc needs some kind of custom keyword to tell it to allow unaligned pointers and to generate appropriate unaligned code, so we don't have to trick the compiler into doing it in a way that ruins
optimization. Something like __unaligned__ uint32 *ptr32 = bytePtr;



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