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different crash

This causes invalid read in df_ref_record.

Command line:
$ gcc -O pr45478-3.c

Relevant valgrind output:
$ valgrind cc1 -O -quiet pr45478-3.c
==17688== Invalid read of size 2
==17688==    at 0x868FFFD: df_ref_record (df-scan.c:2881)
==17688==    by 0x8696BE4: df_entry_block_defs_collect (df-scan.c:3941)
==17688==    by 0x8696C8A: df_record_entry_block_defs (df-scan.c:3959)
==17688==    by 0x8688633: df_scan_blocks (df-scan.c:676)
==17688==    by 0x8649B4F: rest_of_handle_df_initialize (df-core.c:738)
==17688==    by 0x8EEB8F3: execute_one_pass (passes.c:1568)
==17688==    by 0x8EEBAC7: execute_pass_list (passes.c:1623)
==17688==    by 0x8EEBAE3: execute_pass_list (passes.c:1624)
==17688==    by 0x97772D8: tree_rest_of_compilation (tree-optimize.c:452)
==17688==    by 0xA3362AC: cgraph_expand_function (cgraphunit.c:1469)
==17688==    by 0xA336517: cgraph_expand_all_functions (cgraphunit.c:1548)
==17688==    by 0xA336B09: cgraph_optimize (cgraphunit.c:1804)
==17688==  Address 0x2c is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd
pr45478-3.c: In function 'search_line_sse42':
pr45478-3.c:11:1: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
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