------- Comment #7 from sje at cup dot hp dot com  2010-09-02 18:26 -------
I wonder if we should attack this from a different angle.  We have been trying
to make the .pred.mutex.rel info more accurate to avoid this warning.  If we
can't do that I wonder if we should make GCC more conservative about doing two
predicated writes in a single instruction group.  This would make the code
slower but it might be an infrequent enough occurance that it doesn't matter.

Also, I currently see gfortran.dg/maxlocval_3.f90 failing with this message and
when I look at the assembly code, there are two predicated writes that are
using two consecutive pr registers (p12 and p13) but they are not set in a
single cmp instructions.  They are set seperately and I believe that both could
be true which would mean that we are generating invalid code.

I am going to test a patch that changes rws_access_regno to not allow two
predicated register write in the same instruction group.



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