------- Comment #3 from joseph at codesourcery dot com  2010-09-03 00:25 -------
Subject: Re:  Ada bootstrap broken

I don't see where a -Y option would come from or what would accept it.

I can see an issue with some Ada code not accepting the separate arguments 
"-I -".  I'm testing a workaround that makes gcc.c canonicalize -I to 
joined arguments for the purposes of specs, like -L, although the proper 
fix would be for the Ada front-end maintainers to make the Ada front end 
work with decoded options rather than doing fragile reparsing of options 
inside Ada code that is liable to get out of sync with the core compiler's 
notion of what is an option and what is an option argument (or failing 
that, at least to make the Ada code handle -I properly with both joined 
and separate arguments).



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