------- Comment #9 from hubicka at gcc dot gnu dot org  2010-09-04 13:51 -------
thanks.  In meantime I made tree-ssa-pre to fold statements it produces and it
gets me to bootstrapland with sanity check in expr.c except for Ada (with the
patches I sent so far)

So it seems that I need to basically duplicate all logic for initializer
folding from tree-ssa-ccp.c into this function, right? I guess it makes sense,
but it is all quite ugly.

On VN side, i wondered if we can retire more of expand this way. For example
dojump knows that:
a = b ror x;
if (a != 0)
can be folded into:
if (b != 0)
(ror is rotation).  I guess we should do this kind of tricks in VN instead?




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