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> The problem with the configure is the libgcc specs are very target dependent.
Yes, and that's the reason why I think that others might benefit from those

Another remark that I forgot in my first post: There's already an --with-specs
option that sets some specs for something (I don't know for what exactly, but
it can't be used to set link options, I already tried it: Some other tools
complain about unknown options).

If your concern is about the work, not about the additional complexicity:
I would do the work to add those options, just tell me
- For which specs I should do it (all or just link_libgcc)
- How do you want the CPP-Macros for the values of the configure-options to be
- Should those values override or be appended/prepended to the
platform-specific default-specs?
  * If appended/prepended: How do you want the CPP-macro for the concatenated,
final spec string to be named?



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