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> > 
> I have found a cure. 
> The original configuration had GMP, MPFR and MPC built and installed under the
> user home directory (there were neither mpfr nor mpc system-wide, and gmp was 
> a
> bit old); somehow this is the root cause of the problem, despite --with-gmp 
> and
> friends. 
> Building the three packages from source in the GCC source tree gets the
> bootstrap process beyond the previous stopping point (currently in middle of
> stage 3). 
> Maybe this should be added to the platform-specific notes? 

How did you configure those prebuilt gmp/mpfr/mpc libraries installed under
your home directory?  In particular, did you configure them all with
--disable-shared?  If not, then you have to be extremely careful to avoid
unintended mismatches, and in some cases incorrectly duplicated state.

I know for a fact that prebuilt gmp/mpfr/mpc installed in a private location
works fine on powerpc64-linux when all are configured with --disable-shared.



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