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reg is assigned to a temporary (reg.0) at the very first tree pass, as shown by
this 004t.gimple dump:

d ()
  struct b * const reg.0;
  unsigned int * D.2019;
  int D.2020;

  goto <D.1276>;
  c ();
  reg.0 = reg;
  D.2019 = &reg.0->j;
  D.2020 = diff (D.2019);
  if (D.2020 != 0) goto <D.1275>; else goto <D.1277>;

I'm thinking that this is perfectly normal thing to do, and that the redundant
move is meant to disappear in a later pass.  My guess is that IRA is choosing
not to assign the pseudo to r4, but I do not know why at the moment.


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