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Subject: Re:  Bit intrinsics: ILEN and IBCHNG

FX wrote:
>------- Comment #14 from fxcoudert at gcc dot gnu dot org  2010-09-08 19:52 
>Possible remaining are only old extensions, not sure they're useful: ILEN and

It is easy to write ones own IBCHNG.  So at this point, especially given
its rarity in actual codes, it is probably not worth implementing.

ILEN is pretty easy to write too.  If there is ever a move to implement
more of HPFs intrinsics, you could add it then.  (Speaking of which, I
think some kind of intrinsic sorting/grading routines, like maybe
simplified 1-D versions of HPFs SORT_{UP,DOWN} and GRADE_{UP,DOWN}
functions would be incredibly useful to a lot of programmers.  But that
is something which should be covered under a different ticket.)



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