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> The changes done in pp_c_cv_qualifiers print "�__attribute__((const))�"  
> or
> '"__attribute__((noreturn))"' for function pointer even if they are defined
> with 'const' or 'volatile' in the users code and this may be confusing for
> some.

This is on purpose. There is no way to internally differentiate between these
two cases[*], so one has to decide to print one or the other. We decided the
current approach for function pointers was clearer, because (1) one should
really use the attributes and not volatile/const (2) one can lookup the
attributes and find out what they mean and that they are equivalent to
volatile/const. I hope this answers your question. 

[*] GCC is very far from retaining such detailed source-level information and
no one is working on improving this for the foreseeable future.


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