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I don't see any problem.  All of current trunk, 4.5 and 4.4 print it as
rather than
and the other difference in the warning message is not caused by unrelated code
changes, but actually very much related.
With -UBAD_NAMESPACE ::f() function is defined in the current TU and thus the
compiler knows it doesn't throw and that D::D() doesn't throw either, with
-DBAD_NAMESPACE ::f() is only declared and so the compiler doesn't know it it
throws or doesn't, and similarly for D::D().  The is used uninitialized warning
is emitted only in basic blocks that are always executed (with -UBAD_NAMESPACE
if A::A() is called, it will always pass the uninitialized var to C::g(int);
with -DBAD_NAMESPACE if ::f() throws then that wouldn't happen.


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