------- Comment #7 from jakub at gcc dot gnu dot org  2010-09-10 14:40 -------
For the interprocedural analysis I believe static points-to is the only
reasonable thing to do, anything else would have too big complexity (both space
and time).  Within one function, sure, you have the code, but not in a form
which makes it very easy to do such analysis (e.g. SSA form is much more
suitable for that), and you need to understand many different constructs (IF,
loops, GOTO, CYCLE, BREAK, OpenMP constructs, ...) and handle propagating the
information through the callgraph (which isn't built).  I think reimplementing
many middle-end passes on the Front-end trees is not the right way to go, and I
hope the static points-to analysis should catch most of the interesting cases
in real-world code.



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