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> I'm almost ready for the patch, please be patient ;) If look at the standard,
> it says that the last step of seekoff is *always* as if calling fseek(..., off
> * width, ...). If look at the current code, we have the concept of
> __computed_off and, in many cases we end up calling the equivalent of fseek
> with something != off * width. I'm changing that to (0, cur) for the case you
> care about, but not changing anything else otherwise.

The standard says always to use (off * width, whence) but that is just the
external effect if buffering is transparent. __computed_off compensates for the
file pointer being necessarily different from gptr(), pptr(). (You can't seek
for every putc!)

Don't mean to be impatient, just trying to follow along the discussion…



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