------- Comment #34 from paolo dot carlini at oracle dot com  2010-09-11 09:21 
Run the full testsuite, and you will see. In general, if you simply do fseek(0,
cur) and then start writing, when eventually you have to flush you need the
actual logical position in the file - the last fseek(0, cur) - 'something' -
which is not available anywhere. I'm not saying it cannot be implemented, I'm
very dubious it can without breaking the ABI by adding an additional data
member, which we cannot do at the moment. To be honest I also don't think the
issue is very serious if only because nobody complained in 7 years, and we have
a lot to do for C++0x. Thus, if you can help with something concrete minimally
passing the testsuite and clearly addressing the concerns above, excellent,
otherwise, I cannot anticipate now when we are going to do something here. Just
to be honest.



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