------- Comment #2 from jsm28 at gcc dot gnu dot org  2010-09-13 22:27 -------
Note that while my commit fixes two causes of build failure for this target,
a third cause of failure is still present.  As I noted in my patch submission

* mep-pragma.c gets a series of errors starting with

  rtl.h:22:9: error: attempt to use poisoned "GCC_RTL_H"

  because it is being treated as a front-end file but uses rtl.h and
  uses various RTL-related functionality.  I don't know the right fix
  for this issue - for my testing I worked around it with "#undef
  IN_GCC_FRONTEND" but the right fix is more likely to be moving the
  RTL functionality into mep.c while keeping the code using front-end
  pragma interfaces in mep-pragma.c.  Thus, this patch does not fix
  this issue.



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