------- Comment #17 from rguenth at gcc dot gnu dot org  2010-09-15 13:03 
points-to analysis does not honor GCCs type-punning through union extension
(it works on x86_64 because ptr and asBits match in size and thus SRA
cleans the code up before pointer-analysis).  So PTA sees

  ss1.0_1 = ss1;
  l.ptr = ss1.0_1;
  D.3244_2 = l.asBits;
  m.asBits = D.3244_2;
  D.3245_3 = m.ptr;
  data_4 = (void * *) D.3245_3;

and it considers both D.3244_2 = l.asBits and m.asBits = D.3244_2 as
irrelevant (as they do not involve pointers).  Thus, m.ptr is never
assigned to and the points-to set of data_4 ends up as empty which
makes us remove the store *data_4 = s2.1_5.

Thus, as a workaround you should make sure the asBits field matches
pointer-size (so for example use uintptr_t isntead of uint64_t).



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