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No longer crashes in 4.5/4.6 since r147980, aka SRA rewrite.  The only
difference in *.optimized is though that before r147980 we have:
  m3.3_3 = VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR<v4sf>(m2);
  m3.5_4 = m3.3_3 * { 5.0e+0, 1.5e+1, 2.5e+1, 3.5e+1 };
  m4$0_5 = VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR<float[4]>(m3.5_4)[0];
  if (m4$0_5 != 2.0e+1)
and after it:
  m3.3_7 = VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR<v4sf>(m2);
  m3.5_8 = m3.3_7 * { 5.0e+0, 1.5e+1, 2.5e+1, 3.5e+1 };
  m4 = VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR<float[4]>(m3.5_8);
  m4$0_22 = m4[0];
  if (m4$0_22 != 2.0e+1)
where m2 (and in the second case m4 as well) are float [4] arrays, m3 is v4sf
and m4$0 is float.  This doesn't look like a fix for the case that the
VCE<v4sf>(m2) load during expansion assumes m2 is 128-bits aligned when it is


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