Em bare And gripped the ground and grasped the air, Staggered, and
strove to stand. He bent them back
with spear and spade, With desperate dyke and wall, With foemen
leaning on his shield And roaring on him when he reeled; And no help
came at all. He

broke them with a broken sword A little towards the sea, And
for one hour of panting
peace, Ringed with a roar that would not cease, With golden crown

and girded
fleece Made laws under a tree. The Northmen came about our land A

chivalry: Who knew not of the
arch or pen, Great, beautiful half-witted men From the sunrise and the
sea. Misshapen ships stood on the deep Full of strange gold and
fire, And hairy men,
as huge as sin With horned heads, came wading in Through the long, low
sea-mire. Our towns were shaken of tall kings With scarlet beards like
blood: The
world turned empty where they
trod, They took the kindly cross of God And cut it up for wood. Their
souls were drifting as the sea, And all good towns and lands They only
saw with heavy eyes, And broke with heavy hands, Their gods were
sadder than the sea, Gods of a w

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