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> I think it's likely there really is a miscompilation.  I've not been able to
> get very far trying to set up a native compiler to run on qemu, so it would
> help if you could try to narrow it down a bit further.
> IIUC, stage1 and stage2 produce different output for some output files, such 
> as
> expr.o.  You could try to copy object files from stage1 to stage2, then 
> rebuild
> the stage2 compiler with these objects, until these differences go away.  In
> that way, you can determine which file is being miscompiled by stage1.  The
> next step would be to find code generation differences for that file between
> r162417 and r162418.

You might also narrow down the source of the problem by comparing the dump
files from using the two compilers -- the time at which the dumps start to
diverge will be a strong indicator of the point at which the problem was



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