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> >> Ok ... I fixed the testcase in trunk.  
> >
> > Is there not a simpler way to fix the test with dejagnu directives?
> Probably. :-)

well that's why I added the /torture dir under objc.dg - if tests require that
(also obj-c++.gc/torture)

If possible, it would be better to add all new tests under
objc.dg/{,torture,....} as necessary... and avoid objc/*
.. it gives access to more flexible and selective features - which can help in
the transition to ObjC2 on NeXT.

if there are a significant number of new gnu-runtime-only-torture tests - then
perhaps we should create a gnu-runtime subdir under the torture heading. If
there are not many that are gnu-only  (as at present) then dg-skip works for

>  We could maybe tidy up all the files in that directory ;-)

yeah, it would be good to move all of the objc/*  to objc.dg - when someone has



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