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Subject: Re:  WRITE of NAMELIST group to internal file contains newline

The irony in that question is that the obscurity of the example is a direct 
result of the unexpected
behavior of write of a NAMELIST into an internal file. The original question 
I was asked was
reduced to a much simpler test case, and the question "why does the 
following program start to
fail when the variable E is added to the NAMELIST group?".

INTEGER :: A=1,B=2,C=3,D=4,E=5
!NAMELIST /NL1/ A,B,C,D     ! works in gfortran
NAMELIST /NL1/ A,B,C,D,E   ! End of record error in gfortran
OUT=' '

The code then mutated during an e-mail-only conversion,  where
it ended up that filling OUT with an @ character and numbering the lines 
made it much clearer what
was truly an output record and what was not; and just how several people had 
become convinced that
the output from the NAMELIST output was in the form of "one variable per 
line".  So what was
required to clarify an issue for a number of people ended up confusing you. 
Also note that every
compiler tried (XL, ifort, g95, gfortran)  had different results, which was 
only clear when OUT was
filled with a non-white-space character and annotated.  Looking back on it I 
see that what we
thought was a trivial example program could confuse someone not privy to the 
discussions that lead
from the above example code to what was entered in bugzilla.

So obscurity lead to obscurity.

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