------- Comment #2 from burnus at gcc dot gnu dot org  2010-09-21 09:28 -------
(In reply to comment #1)
> Similar fails:
> FAIL: libgomp.fortran/vla5.f90  -O0   (test for warnings, line 69)
> FAIL: libgomp.fortran/vla5.f90  -O0  (test for excess errors)
> Excess errors:
> libgomp.fortran/vla5.f90:68:0: warning:
> barrier region may not be closely nested inside of work-sharing, critical,
> ordered, master or explicit task region

That is: The warning is in line 68 instead of 69.

Does this still occur? I could imagine that the input-location fixes solved
this issue, but maybe it didn't.



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