I misunderstood you. I thought you said 'anybody,' and so I supposed
'anybody' included--well, anybody; that is, everybody." "It
that is of lofty birth; and the better if he be royal." "That, it
meseemeth, might well be," said the abbot, who saw his opportunity to
smooth things and avert disaster, "for it were not likely that so
wonderful a gift as this would
be conferred for the revelation of the concerns of lesser beings than
such as be born near to the summits of greatness. Our Arthur the
king--" "Would you know of him?" broke in the enchanter. "Most
gladly, yea, and gratefully." Everybody was full of awe and interest
again right away, the incorrigible idiots. They watched the
incantations absorbingly, and looked at me with a "There, now, what
can you say to that?" air, when the announcement
came: "The king is weary with the chase, and lieth in his palace
these two hours sleeping a dreamless sleep." "God's benison upon
him!" said the abbot, a

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