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GCC doesn't set runpaths in executables, this is intentional:

If you don't want those support libs installed for their own sake and are only
installing them for GCC to use, then a simpler way to build it is to put the
gmp, mpfr and mpc sources under gcc-4.5.1 (renamed from gmp-x.y.z to just gmp,
and similarly for mpfr and mpc) and then just configure gcc without any
--with-{gmp,mpfr,mpc} options.  That way gcc will build with those sources and
doesn't need to find the shared libs.

Or you can build the libs with --disable-shared so that gcc will have to link
statically to libgmp.a, which also avoids needing to find the shared libs.

Or you can just make sure the shared lib can be found, using LD_LIBRARY_PATH or
LD_RUN_PATH or ldconfig.

(In reply to comment #0)
> But libmpc.so.2 is there. I even took care of creating artificial symbolic
> links to satisfy this bizarre 'powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu' under ROOT.

Don't do that.



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