------- Comment #17 from sje at cup dot hp dot com  2010-09-23 16:27 -------
It looks like GCC on IA64 HP-UX has a problem when a routine in .text.unlikely
calls a function in .text.  If I define UNLIKELY_EXECUTED_TEXT_SECTION_NAME and
HOT_TEXT_SECTION_NAME to just be '.text' then I can bootstrap with partial
inlining enabled.  I think the bug that is causing the abort is probably in the
GNU assembler or the HP linker or some combination of the two.

There is still a GCC bug here because the partial inlining change shouldn't
have triggered the use of .text.unlikely.  Particularly since it appears that
it is the caller of the partially inlined function that is getting put into
.text.unlikely, not the 'remainder' of the partially inlined function.

On IA64 Linux, we do not appear to be using .text.unlikely, and that is
probably why I see this bug on HP-UX but not Linux.



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