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(In reply to comment #6)
> > As I recall, the patch was to circumvent a race condition - which manifest 
> > most
> > frequently in the decision as to whether libgomp used TLS or not.
> I see no indications of this sort of problem here: before your patch,
> TLS support was reliably/consistently detected to be missing, now it's
> reliably found to be present.

IIUC, comment #2 indicates that the platform should show as having (emulated)
If that is so, the situation is that the problem you now see was masked by a
faulty configure macro, fixed by the patch.

I will try and dig out the test code we used to stress the TLS implementation -
it might be worth running that on the alpha to see whether is shows a
difference.   (it's probably attached to 43170).

IIRC the fix was quite heavily discussed on patches - there might be something
useful in those threads.

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