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2010-09-28 13:58:18 UTC ---
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> Sure.  As with all performance related bugs this needs analysis and is
> unlikely an "LTO" problem - LTO does not (not-)optimize, optimization
> passes do.

I'm wondering if there is any description on how to do this. For example, how
do I get the assembly of a function and the -fdump-tree-all files from a gold
based linking that goes as:

rm -f test.s test2.s test.o test2.o ;
gfortran -c -flto test.f90 ; 
gfortran -c -flto test2.f90 ;  
gfortran -O3 -march=native -fuse-linker-plugin -fwhopr=2 test.o test2.o

just using -S or -fdump-tree-all doesn't work. 

Is 'objdump -d' the only tool ?

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