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The bootstrap was working for me on Windows 8.1 the last few days although it
had been broken for a month or 2.  The symptom was that file edits made during
build were being dropped or the files from various stages were mixed (although
ok after build stopped).  Not the same as this corrupt f951.
I am away from my win10 and linux machines and have insufficient internet
access but I think I ruled out any difference between the Linux and cygwin svn
By the way I haven't seen any internet installer vans this trip.

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>> Tim, can you grab a clean copy of trunk (from a Linux box or from
>> whereever), cooy that to your Windows machine and try again?
>Thomas, do you have bootstrap working?
>I have it building without bootstrap, but I am totally unclear about some of
>the configure parameters, when I tried some of the odd ones used by the Cygwin
>released 5.4 I could not get through stage 1
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