--- Comment #17 from Iain Sandoe <iains at gcc dot> ---

So.. we need a patch that implements what Dominique was trying (but in a way
that doesn't involve discarding the original section defs. since they are
needed for "older linker" - for some def. of "older").

1. a patch that changes the section usage depending on the capability of ld64.

 ... I have a patch under test for this.

2. configury to detect if we have a ld64 that doesn't cope (and we need to find
one that doesn't to test that).  My initial tests suggest that even 85.2.1 can
do the week symbol coalescing without the sections, so we might have to poke at
a 10.4 system to find this.

 ... TODO

3. The fallout that Dominique sees with his patch is caused by two latent

weak symbol

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