--- Comment #3 from Paul Mustiere <paul.mustiere at gmail dot com> ---
In the script:
possible_real_kinds="4 8 10 16" i.e. it tries them all

In the for loop, when it tries to compile the dummy Fortran program to check
each kind=k existance, only 4, 8 & 16 exists.

kind=4 is defined as float,
kind=8 is defined as double,
kind=16 is defined as long double.

The issue being that long double = double in this case.

When kind=16 match in C is defined, there's the check:
16) if [ $long_double_kind -eq 10 ]; then

Could it be that kind=16 should be match to __float128,
and the check should be $long_double_kind -neq 16?

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