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> > However, I just made some tests, and it seems that the performance lost is
> > particularly related to std::log. If something else is being used, like
> > std::sqrt for example, the code compiled with gcc is still slower, but less.
> Adding -mveclibabi=svml should vectorize calls to these functions, but you'd
> have to link with SVML vector library then.
> icc is doing this by default:
>   400e0f:     e8 ac 16 00 00          callq  4024c0 <__svml_log4>
> but gcc doesn't:
>   40078b:     e8 00 ff ff ff          callq  400690 <log@plt>

Actually, I tried it, but it does not seem to work. Indeed, using
-mveclibabi=svml -lsvml -I(path-to-intel-lib-dir) does not seem to change the
call address. If you have got any advice, it is appreciated ;)

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