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You are right, GCC assumes that the loop can iterate at most 1 times:

$ head pr77966.c.*ivcanon*
;; Function snic_log_q_error (snic_log_q_error, funcdef_no=0, decl_uid=2082,
cgraph_uid=0, symbol_order=0)

Induction variable (unsigned int) 0 + 1 * iteration does not wrap in statement
_6 = snic_4(D)->wq[i_13];
 in loop 1.
Statement _6 = snic_4(D)->wq[i_13];
 is executed at most 0 (bounded by 0) + 1 times in loop 1.
Loop 1 iterates at most 1 times.
snic_log_q_error (struct snic * snic)

That's because struct vnic_wq_ctrl *wq[1]; is not a trailing array in a struct.
Thus last BB contains:

  <bb 5>:
  __builtin___sanitizer_cov_trace_pc ();
  __builtin_unreachable ();

That's reason why no return insn is emitted (occurrence of
Thus I think the PR is invalid. Please re-open if having a different opinion.

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