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--- Comment #2 from Martin Jambor <jamborm at gcc dot> ---
Out of the entire hsa merge, it is only addition of the assert itself
that "causes" the ICE.  If I check out r232546 and patch it with:

diff --git a/gcc/omp-low.c b/gcc/omp-low.c
index d7df3db..f38dc88 100644
--- a/gcc/omp-low.c
+++ b/gcc/omp-low.c
@@ -3777,7 +3777,11 @@ scan_omp_1_op (tree *tp, int *walk_subtrees, void *data)
     case LABEL_DECL:
     case RESULT_DECL:
       if (ctx)
-       *tp = remap_decl (t, &ctx->cb);
+       {
+         tree repl = remap_decl (t, &ctx->cb);
+         gcc_checking_assert (TREE_CODE (repl) != ERROR_MARK);
+         *tp = repl;
+       }


I get the same ICE, so if the assert is correct (I believe it is), the
bug is pre-existing.  But let me have a look a bit more.

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