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                 CC|                            |trippels at gcc dot
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            Summary|-O3 causes verify_gimple    |[7 Regression] -O3 causes
                   |fail                        |verify_gimple fail
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--- Comment #1 from Markus Trippelsdorf <trippels at gcc dot> ---
markus@x4 tmp % cat fail.i
int a, d;
char b;
char *c;
void fn1() {
  char *e = &b;
  c = &b + 48;
  while (e < c)
  c = &b + a;
  while (e < c)
    d += *e++;

markus@x4 tmp % gcc -fchecking -O3 -c fail.i
fail.i: In function ‘fn1’:
fail.i:4:5: error: invalid address operand in MEM_REF
 int fn1() {
MEM[(void *)&b + 49B];

fail.i:4:5: error: invalid first operand of MEM_REF
&MEM[(void *)&b + 49B]
fail.i:12:10: note: in statement
     d += *e++;
# VUSE <.MEM_59>
_15 = MEM[(void *)&b + 49B];
fail.i:4: confused by earlier errors, bailing out

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