--- Comment #20 from peien luo <coollpe at hotmail dot com> ---
(In reply to Dmitry Vyukov from comment #18)
> Looks like shadow stack overflow.
> Do you use fibers, ucontext, longjmp, exceptions or any other non-obvious
> control flow constructs?
> Fibers and exceptions are not supported. Longjmp should work.

(gdb) p &(thr->shadow_stack[0])
$9 = (unsigned long *) 0x7f9842712080
(gdb) p thr->shadow_stack_pos 
$10 = (__sanitizer::uptr *) 0x7f9842762b68

so it actually took the 'shadow stack' size of 330472, then it crashed.
is that huge number abnormal?

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