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--- Comment #6 from Aldy Hernandez <aldyh at gcc dot> ---
Among other things, the main problem here is that we save all the pred_chains
from preds[] into s_preds[], then we free all said pred_chains with
destroy_predicate_vecs(), but still keep a copy of the pred_chains in s_preds,
which we later try to free from normalize_preds():

  /* Now clean up the chain.  */
  if (simplified)
      for (i = 0; i < n; i++)
          if ((*preds)[i].is_empty ())
          s_preds.safe_push ((*preds)[i]);
// ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
// Makes a copy of the pred_chain.

      destroy_predicate_vecs (preds);
// ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
// free() all the pred_chain's.
      (*preds) = s_preds;
// ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
// Wait a minute, we still keep a copy of the pred_chains.
      s_preds = vNULL;

I have no idea how this worked even before my patch.

I'm testing a fix.

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