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--- Comment #1 from Kazumoto Kojima <kkojima at gcc dot> ---
Here is a trial patch

diff --git a/config/sh/ b/config/sh/
index c6956a0..c83bf08 100644
--- a/config/sh/
+++ b/config/sh/
@@ -858,7 +858,8 @@
         operands of the tstsi_t insn, which is generally the case.  */
       if (dump_file)
        fprintf (dump_file, "cmpeqsi_t: replacing with tstsi_t\n");
-      emit_insn (gen_tstsi_t (XEXP (op.set_src, 0), XEXP (op.set_src, 1)));
+      emit_insn (gen_tstsi_t (copy_rtx (XEXP (op.set_src, 0)),
+                             XEXP (op.set_src, 1)));

Oleg, could you take a look at the issue?  Although the patch fixes
the ICE, I'm not sure if it's OK and enough.

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