--- Comment #13 from Andreas Krebbel <krebbel at gcc dot> ---
(In reply to Andreas Krebbel from comment #12)
> The splitter probably is the reason why the early clobber has been added.
> Handling the SImode part separately requires that the source reg does not
> match the target reg. Alternative 4 does not appear to be correct to me. It
> uses an early clobber and a matching constraint between source and target.
> Reload cannot meet both requirements. Since the alternative 4 just seems to
> be a subset of alternative 5 I'm wondering if it could not just be removed?!

Ok. I wasn't aware that this is actually possible in order to mark operands
which regardless of the early clobber might match the input operand.
Nevertheless it is not clear to me why the & is needed on alternative 4 and 5
at all. If I understand it correctly the only remaining operand affected by the
early clobber would be operand 2 which is an immediate?!

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