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> Still here and following from afar; I'm not using solaris much these days, but
> it always brightens my day when I get an email re this bug and some level of
> progress is made on this given the work I put into it so long ago  :)

very true, unfortunately.  I'm sorry for dropping the ball on this for
so long.

> Regarding copyright I'm happy to work with you/whomever on this. Just point me
> at what you need (feel free to email to address on my bzilla account).

I've just submitted the specs escaping part of the patch, both to check
if it needs a copyright assignment (seems to be a border case AFAICT)
and if it's acceptable for gcc 7.  If it turns out an assignment is
needed, I'll check with one of the maintainers who has done this before.

There's some info on

now, together with a pointer to the various forms.


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