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OK, I've got a new test-case that fails with ILS 0.18:

$ cat /tmp/tmpunyat_pa.i
int *a;
int b[];
int c;
void d ()
  double e[2][3] = {0.0, 0.0, 1.0};
  for (int f = 0; f < 2; ++f)
    for (int g = 0; g < 6; ++g)
      b[0] = a[g] * e[f][2];
  c = b[0];

$ gcc -fgraphite-identity -O2 /tmp/tmpunyat_pa.i
/tmp/tmpunyat_pa.i:2:5: warning: array ‘b’ assumed to have one element
 int b[];
/tmp/tmpunyat_pa.i: In function ‘d’:
/tmp/tmpunyat_pa.i:4:6: error: definition in block 29 does not dominate use in
block 19
 void d ()
for SSA_NAME: pretmp_43 in statement:
prephitmp_33 = PHI <1.0e+0(14), pretmp_43(19)>
PHI argument
for PHI node
prephitmp_33 = PHI <1.0e+0(14), pretmp_43(19)>
/tmp/tmpunyat_pa.i:4:6: internal compiler error: verify_ssa failed
0xe20ad3 verify_ssa(bool, bool)
0xd6ca25 verify_loop_closed_ssa(bool)
0x1307a33 checking_verify_loop_closed_ssa
0x1307a33 graphite_verify
0x1307a33 graphite_regenerate_ast_isl(scop*)
0x12fe2d7 graphite_transform_loops()
0x12fe890 graphite_transforms
0x12fe890 execute

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