--- Comment #63 from Daniel Santos <daniel.santos at pobox dot com> ---
Created attachment 41943
test patch for uncaught exception in generator

(In reply to Dominique d'Humieres from comment #62)
> Created attachment 41937 [details]
> Log file for ms-sysv.exp
> Log file generated with
> make -k check-gcc RUNTESTFLAGS="ms-sysv.exp"

Thanks Dominique.  I'm still not seeing all of what I want to see because when
you ran this test run the code generator gcc/testsuite/gcc/ms-sysv-generate.exe
already existed and so was not rebuilt.  I'm curious to know the full command
line when it was built.  Could you apply this patch and run it again?  I should
probably make sure that we rebuild the generator on each new run anyway.

As far as the generator, it's not catching an exception that it should.  I had
been catching it by value because I always knew the type that was being thrown,
but maybe there is some type of weirdness in your particular stdlibc++
implementation, so this patch also changes the catch to by-reference.


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