Jason Merrill <jason at gcc dot> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|ASSIGNED                    |NEW
          Component|c++                         |libstdc++
           Assignee|jason at gcc dot           |unassigned at gcc dot
            Summary|[7/8 Regression] bogus      |[7 Regression] bogus error:
                   |error: constructor required |constructor required before
                   |before non-static data      |non-static data member for
                   |member for ‘Foo::Bar::test’ |‘Foo::Bar::test’ has been
                   |has been parsed             |parsed

--- Comment #4 from Jason Merrill <jason at gcc dot> ---
I've adjusted the compiler to accept this on trunk, but the change is too
invasive for the GCC 7 branch.  I'm changing the component to libstdc++ so that
library folks can consider a library approach for the branch.

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