Rainer Orth <ro at gcc dot> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Target|powerpc*-linux              |
                 CC|                            |ro at gcc dot
          Component|target                      |testsuite
           Assignee|unassigned at gcc dot      |ro at gcc dot
   Target Milestone|---                         |8.0
            Summary|static pie fails on         |gcc.dg/pie-static-[12].c
                   |powerpc-linux               |FAIL

--- Comment #4 from Rainer Orth <ro at gcc dot> ---

Not a target issue: the testcases also fail on Solaris 11.4 (which has PIE but
not static libc, libm), Linux/x86_64 without static libm, libc installed, and
Darwin/x86_64 (
FAIL: gcc.dg/pie-static-1.c (test for excess errors)
Excess errors:
ld: library not found for -lcrt0.o

Patch in progress; need to investigate Darwin problem first (or split off).


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