--- Comment #11 from Jan Hubicka <hubicka at gcc dot> ---
Yes, I have started experiments with adjusting inliner limits: hopefully we can
tune up speedup limit because it is now applied more agresively (due to lack of
capping) and perhaps tune down size limits because we do better early opts and
time/size estimations.

Last week we did some work with Martin Liska verifying that profile propagation
now works as expected and things seems to be in order now in ways we can test
(i.e. no zero profiles on places where they should not be and IPA/BB profiles
are in sync). Before those bugs was chased away inliner retuning made little

>From experiments this week I know that tramp3d still need early inlining of 14,
but other limits seems to have gained quite some border on spec2000/2006.  I
would like to use czerny for searching the space this week and hope that tuning
some parameters down is still OK at this stage?

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