--- Comment #24 from Alexander Nesterovskiy <alexander.nesterovskiy at intel 
dot com> ---
Yes, it looks like more time is being spent in synchronizing.
r256990 really changes the way autopar works:
For r253679...r256989 the most of work was in main thread0 mostly (thread0
~91%, threads1-3 ~3% each one).
For r256990 there is the same distribution as for r253678 (thread0 ~34%,
threads1-3 ~22% each one) but a lot of time is being spent spinning.
I've attached a chart comparing r253678 and r256990 in the same time scale
(~0.5 sec). code executed in thread1 for both cases is wait functions, and
for r256990 they are called more often.

Setting OMP_WAIT_POLICY doesn't change a lot:
for ACTIVE - performance is nearly the same as default
for PASSIVE - there is a serious performance drop for r256990 (looks reasonable
because of a lots of threads sleeps/wake-ups)

Changing parloops-schedule also have no positive effect:
r253678 performance is mostly the same for static, guided and dynamic
r256990 performance is best with static, which is default

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